KVSH Current Staff

Mike and Kim Burge owners/managers

Mike was born and raised in Valentine and graduated from Valentine High School. Kim was raised on a cattle ranch north east of Onida, in central South Dakota, and graduated from Sully Buttes High School. Kim grew up with 4-H, Rodeo and ranch work. Kim attended Brown Institute of Broadcasting in Minneapolis where she received her first class broadcasting license. Mike attended Kearney State College.

Mike started part time at KVSH in 1977 while in high school. Kim’s first position after college was at KVSH. Oddly enough Mike was the only person at KVSH that manager Larry Russell did not introduce Kim to. Then they accepted positions at KWAT in Watertown SD. Mike also worked at KWYR in Winner SD before returning to KVSH in 1982 when offered a position as news director and announcer. Along the way Mike learned play-by-play, news writing and engineering work to add to announcing.

Mike and Kim are especially pleased that all three of their children have returned to live in Valentine bringing 4 granddaughters with them.

They look forward to serving and promoting the area with integrity, honesty and a positive attitude. Along the way they hope to have a little fun as well.  

Birk Burge- On-air Announcer/Marketing Director/Production
Birk started part time in Octoboer 2022, going full time in August of 2023.

Birk came to KVSH with a varied background of work experience. His previous experiences enrich his on-air and production sound.  His experiences also included marketing and sales which makes him an excellant resource for your advertising needs. 



Lilybet Rolfe

 Lilybet started with KVSH after being recruited in September of 2023 to give a weekly report from the Valentine Middle School. With Lilybet’s natural skills and training, she has already moved on to become one of KVSH’s part time announcers. Make sure you listen for Lilybet to catch her energetic and light-hearted delivery. 

Hanna Barker-

Hanna started at KVSH in July of 2022 as the office manager. As time has gone by, Hanna has shown an incredible ability to adapt to the constantly changing workload. She is the first person you usually come in contact with, so make sure to tell her hi.



Jack Liddy

 As a part-time on-air announcer, Jack has proven to be a dedicated team member, even developing his signature program, A Fifth of Jack to add to his programing.  

 Rhondelle Emery- Part-Time Announcer

Rhondelle has many talents and a strong background in radio, both on-air and behind the scene. Her professional on-air sound enriches your listening experience. Make sure to listen to Rhondelle for that “radio” sound. 

.Roman Dillon 

Roman came to KVSH for his first work experience. He attends Valentine Rural High School. He is on air part-time- working evenings, weekends and holidays to carry on the “Live & Local” sound of KVSH 


Sydney Adamson

Sydney joined the KVSH team in the fall of 2023. Sydney already fills her time and adds her expertise at her family owned ranch southwest of Valentine.  So when given the opportunity to expand her skill set, no could have been an easy answer.

Instead, Sydney said yes and  took up the challenge of becoming a Marketing/Sales Director.  Everything about working in radio was new to Sydney.  She has shown incredible strength in character as she develops a different relationship with many she has known growing up.



Tryston Gaver

Zachary Dean-

Zach has worked for many years at KVSH. Zach is a bit of a “utility player” for Heart City Radio, broadcasting afternoons, and serving in other capacities, including sales and some engineering, and recently being given the title of “news director.”


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