The Cherry County Commissioners continue to take measured steps to alleviate road problems throughout the county. At yesterdays regular meeting the board voted to pursue up to 10 million dollars in bonding to pay for needed repairs. The county has also started the process of applying for federal FEMA funds to reimburse the county for the cost of repairs. Help from FEMA might be 2 or more years away.  Bonds will allow the county to address road problems now instead of waiting. When the FEMA funds do come to the county, they will be used to pay off the bonded amount.  The commissioners considered this the best option for the taxpayers of Cherry County. It looks like county roads crews and a mix of other contractors will be utilized for the road work.

The Cherry County Visitors Promotion Board is in the planning stages of a new sign in front of the Visitors Center. Permission was granted by the board for construction of the new sign. The board approved trading in a sheriff’s department vehicle and purchasing a new pick up. The city of Valentine had made a request for a reduction of parking in front of the old courthouse building as part of the Main Street project. A few parking spaces could be eliminated to allow for larger truck traffic at that corner. No action was taken as the board considered other parking solutions.