The Cherry County Commissioners met Tuesday afternoon for a special meeting to discuss and vote on a conditional use permit for a commercial wind facility near Kilgore. About 50 interested citizens attended the meeting which lasted about 40 minutes. The Commissioners emphasized 12 separate conditions the developer must meet before construction can begin. All these conditions are intended to make sure the taxpayers of Cherry County are protected.

In addition to 6 conditions recommended by the Planning and Zoning Board, the commissioners added another 6.  Those conditions include: a fire suppression system on each turbine, financial guarantees for decommissioning with zero financial risk to the county, a satisfactory road agreement with county, complete decommissioning plan, development of a fire plan with local volunteers and all conditions must be met before construction can begin.

The county board approved the permit on a 3 to nothing vote.  The motion was made by Commissioner James Ward and seconded was by Martin DeNaeyer.  Chairman Tanya Storer also voted in favor of the motion.