The Sparks Spurs Chapter of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association hosted the Nebraska State Championship shoot on Friday and the Great Plains Territorial Championship on Saturday and Sunday at the Cherry County Fairgrounds in Valentine. There were almost 50 male shooters and 25 women competitors representing a dozen states. They ranged from Michigan to Texas and Kentucky to California. 95 people enjoyed the banquet and old west costume contest Saturday evening at the Peppermill. Dean Storms, aka Beaver Creek Kid from Tripp County SD, won both the Nebraska State Championship and the Territorial Championships. Dead Eye Daisy from Michigan won the Women’s state competition on Friday and Huckleberry Honey from California won the Great Planes Championship on Sunday.

The Sparks Spurs would like to thank all the businesses and individuals that supported the club, especially major sponsors Union Bank and Trust, Sandhill Oil, Corky and Jannet Worth and the Cherry County Visitors Promotion Board.

For information about Cowboy Fast Draw and The Sparks Spurs, contact Dean Storms or Mike Burge.