Valentine Police Department Week in Review: August 18-24, 2019

On 8/19/19 at 4pm, officers responded to the 600 block of north Hall Street in regards to an assault.  All investigative reports were forwarded to the Cherry County Attorney to determine if charges would be filed.

On 8/21/19 at 4:57pm, an officer conducted a traffic stop in the 600 block of west highway 20.  Following an investigation, 2 South Dakota women were arrested for multiple drug violations, active warrants and possession of fraudulent money.

On 8/21/19 at 11:24 pm, officers were requested to conduct a welfare check in the 900 block of North Queen Street.  After determining the subjects were fine, a citation was issued for drug violations to a 39 year old Valentine woman.

On 8/22/19 at 8:19 pm, an officer made contact with a vehicle for having suspected stolen license plates.  During the investigation, the officer found that one of the occupants had an active Adams County Colorado warrant.  A 22 year old South Dakota man was arrested and is currently being held pending extradition proceedings.

On 8/24/19 at 9:12 pm, officers were requested to respond to the 600 block of east highway 20 in regards to suspicious activity.  Following an investigation, a 46 year old Colorado man and 31 year old South Dakota woman were arrested for multiple drug (methamphetamine) and firearm violations. 

Officers responded to 152 calls for service this week.

Also, over the weekend, we had a citizen have a close encounter with a rattlesnake in the 700 block of north Cherry Street.  Please be wary and alert! 


SNAKE FACTS:  Snakes can strike a distance up to one-half their body length. A snake can still bite if its head has been separated from its body. A rattlesnake doesn’t always “warn” by rattling before striking.

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION:  NEVER approach or try to pick a snake up.  Keep yards, gardens and planters free from clutter and leaves.  Maintain decorative shrubs well-trimmed away from bases and the ground.  Remove birdfeeders…bird seed attracts rodents….and rodents attract snakes.  DON’T reach where you can’t see.  Stay alert when outdoors, in garages, sheds and barns.  Always check shoes and boots that are left outside before wearing.

IF YOU ARE BITTEN BY A SNAKE:  Move away from the snake.  Call 9-1-1……a snake bite IS a medical emergency.  Try to remember what the snake looked like; color, length, distinguishing pattern, etc.  DON’T cut bite area and extract venom with your mouth.  Remove any jewelry and restrictive clothing.  Keep bite area below head and heart.  Remain calm until help arrives.