Every young person deserves to have someone to turn to. The mission of the TeamMates Mentoring Program is to impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential.

Right now, TeamMates is serving close to 8,000 youth in more than 130 communities across Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one in school, once a week, during the academic year.

In Valentine there are currently almost 3 dozen mentor and mentee matches in the school system.

. Mentors are not tutors, counselors, nor are they there to “fix” anything— they’re there to be friends and role models. Mentors are matched with mentees based on interests and life experiences.

The TeamMates Mentoring Program would love an opportunity to share the mission of the program with the community. TeamMates Co-founder Tom Osborne will speak about the mentoring program in Valentine on August 23rd at noon at the Peppermill. Anyone interested in finding out more about the mentoring program is welcome to attend.

To schedule an interview about the TeamMates Mentoring Program, please contact (J.J. Thorpe, Valentine Program Coordinator, VMS, 402-376-3367.