The 2019 Cherry County Fair 4-H activities started off with the Trap Shoot on August 2 at the Cody Trap Club.

Champion Senior-Dylan Naslund, Reserve Champion Senior-Tyson Stengel. Champion Intermediate-Thane Taylor, Reserve Champion Intermediate-Jackson Fleagle. Purple-Traper Schied. Reds-Brodie Stengel, Ayden Naslund, Jacob Knox.

Thank you to this year’s Trap instructors: Toby Heinert, Mike Murphy, Tyler Peterson and Zach Peterson.

4-H shooting sports competitions continued on August 3 at the Cherry County Fairgrounds. 

Jr. BB Gun Champion – Kaden McNare.  Jr. BB Gun Reserve Champion – James Walkling.  Blues – Chase Schied and Madysyn Bopp.  Reds – RJ Dean, Parker Wackler, Isaac Pitkin, Greyson Swan. 

Intermediate BB Gun Champion – Jenalee Garwood.  Intermediate BB Gun Reserve Champion – Cadence Swanson.  Blues – Christen Larson and Brodie Stengel.  Red – Jacob Knox. 

Jr. Air Rifle Champion – RJ Dean.  Intermediate Air Rifle Champion – Jenalee Garwood.  Intermediate Air Rifle Reserve Champion – Christen Larson. 

Thank you to this year’s BB Gun and Air Rifle instructors:  Pete Salters and Jason McNare. 

Jr. .22 Rifle Champion – Kaden McNare.  Blues – Chase Schied and Isaac Pitkin.  Red – Aspen Sinkler. 

Intermediate .22 Rifle Champion – Jenalee Garwood.  Intermediate .22 Rifle Reserve Champion – Quinton Nelson.  Blues – Traper Schied, Cooper Pitkin, Jackson Fleagle, Christen Larson, Thane Taylor, Ethan Pitkin, Brayden Battershaw.  Reds – Jimmy Brians, Jacob Knox, Brodie Stengel. 

Senior .22 Rifle Champion – Brayden Kieborz.  Senior .22 Rifle Reserve Champion – Tyson Stengel.

Thank you to this year’s .22 Rifle instructor:  Jason McNare. 

Jr. Archery Freestyle Champion – Kaden McNare.  Jr. Archery Freestyle Reserve Champion – James Sexson.  Reds – Madysyn Bopp and Parker Wackler.

Intermediate Archery Freestyle Champion – Ayden Naslund.  Intermediate Archery Freestyle Reserve Champion – Lex Larsen.  Blues – Christen Larson, Brodie Stengel, Traper Schied.  Red – Thane Taylor. 

Senior Archery Freestyle Champion – Dylan Naslund.  Senior Archery Freestyle Reserve Champion – Tyson Stengel. 

Jr. Archery Basic Champion – James Walkling.  Jr. Archery Basic Reserve Champion – James Sexson.  Blues – RJ Dean, Parker Wackler, Madysyn Bopp.  Reds – Kaden McNare, Greyson Swan, Wesley Willert.

Intermediate Archery Basic Champion – Jenalee Garwood.  Blues – Lex Larson, Ayden Naslund.  Reds – Thane Taylor, Traper Schied, Jacob Knox. 

Senior Archery Basic Champion – Dylan Naslund.

Jr. Archery 3-D Champion – Kaden Mcnare.  Jr. Archery 3D Reserve Champion – James Sexson.  Blues – James Walkling, RJ Dean.  Reds – Madysyn Bopp, Greyson Swan, Parker Wackler. 

Intermediate Archery 3-D Champion – Ayden Naslund.  Intermediate Archery 3-D Reserve Champion – Lex Larson.  Blues – Brodie Stengel, Traper Schied, and Christen Larson.  Reds – Thane Taylor, Jenalee Garwood, Jacob Knox. 

Senior Archery 3-D Champion – Dylan Naslund.  Senior Archery 3-D Reserve Champion – Tyson Stengel.   

Thank you to this year’s Archery instructor:  Adam Naslund.