Results of the 2019 Demolition Derby:

Power Wheels kids class: Laken Bostock of O’Neill and Scoot Moser of Valentine participated and both were winners!

Truck Class:
1st: Lane Wolfe – Torrington, WY
2nd: Nathan Folwer – Ainsworth
3rd: Rylan Fowler – AInsworth
4th: Dylan Poland – Valentine
5th: Justin Hartman – Valentine

Limited Weld:
1st: Travis Bostock – O’Neill
2nd: Willie Kackmeister – Ainsworth
3rd: Johnny Kolessa – Valentine

Full Weld:
1st Run:
1st – Tyler Hansen – Valentine
2nd – Matt Benzing – Valentine
3rd – Matthew Jones – Tilden
2nd Run:
1st: Matthew Jones – Tilden
2nd: Willie Kackmeister – Ainsworth
3rd – Travis Bostock – O’Neill

Mad Dog:
Travis Bostock – O’Neill

The forecast interfered with the fireworks display, which has been moved to Veteran’s Day, November 11th, at the Cherry County Fairgrounds. (The Cody Fireworks and potluck moved to Saturday, July 6th).

Parade Results:
1st: Roth Family Entry
2nd: Valentine Classic Motor Club
3rd: Zumba Kids