The third electronics collections hosted by the North Central RC&D are complete. O’Neil had their collection in April gathering 853 pounds of electronic devices. Springview, Bassett and Valentine complete the leg of recycling last week. The collection in O’Neill was much smaller than in previous years, reflecting the challenges brought on by bridges lost due to flooding.  In the meantime, the tri-community collection was higher than expected, harvesting 5,586 pounds. There was so much collected, Valentine offered a second collection on Friday due to a larger trailer used in the transportation.

Everything collected goes to E-Stroyed in Grand Island. They refurbish, or scrape out everything. Some pieces like plastic goes to the trash, but everything that can be recycled, is. All electronics with a memory have the memory erased as part of the process. 

Kim Burge, Ex Dir for RC&D commented the event went well in all three communities June 11th. They collected 108 items just from the Springview stop. It is our hope that all of the communities see RC&D efforts as a means for individuals to have a larger impact and more opportunity to recycle. The RC&D is still looking at one more collection run this Fall. Spencer has expressed interest in having a collection in their community.

 The RC&D was defunded from the Federal Budget in 2011 but the NC RC&D has continued to serve the 6 counties- Boyd, Brown, Cherry, Holt, Keya Paha and Rock. The focus has been narrowed to supporting recycling efforts. All donations received during these events go 100% toward collection efforts. 

Don’t forget the paper shredding events coming in December.

If you would like to get involved supporting recycling in your community or have questions, call Kim Burge @ 402-376-5842 or