President: Elliana Springer
Vice President: Calvin Stoeger
Secretary: Delaney Robison
Treasurer: Fletcher Larsen

Gunnar Battershaw
Lindsey Boes
Tagg Buechle
Benjamin Butcher
Sarah Butler
Timothy Egelhoff
Renee Fisbeck
Hanna Fischer
Conner Fowler
Matthew Gibson
Dylan Haase
Hayes Hammond
Haley Hesse
Michaela Keller
Dakota Krogman
Tessa Krolikowski
Hank Lancaster
Hayden Larabee
Fletcher Larsen
MaKenzie Long
Josiah Maunu
Becca McGinley
Cody Miller
Holden Mundorf
Ryan O’Kief
Jonah Perrett
Samantha Phillips
Shauna Radant
Haylee Richards
Emma Richards
Delaney Robison
Hadley Rodgers
Isabelle Salters
Mya Shelbourn
Jennifer Sinnett
Elliana Springer
Sean Springer
Calvin Stoeger
Shyanne Urbin
Kaylee Wenig

Inductees for 2021-2022

Ashlee Bacon
Mekallyn Bancroft
Taylor Battershaw
Hanna Bitner
Jaycie Cox
Lainey Egelhoff
McKenna Elliott
Bryan Keller
Connor Kreutner
Jack Lancaster
Ashton Lurz
Lee Major
Grace Maunu
Casey Miller
Malika Monroe
Logan Muirhead
Taycee Reimers
Sheldyn Rodgers
Catherine Salters
Cole Simon
Gracey Taylor
Nicole Williams

NHS Scholarship of $250.00 went to – Michaela Keller
VCS Foundation Scholarship Winners that will each receive a college scholarship for $1000.00 were as follows: Xandra Conroy, Michaela Keller, Ryan O’Kief, Shauna Radant, & Calvin Stoeger

TeamMates scholarship award of $500.00 each went to: Tamara Benedict, Riece Rivera, and Logan Pettigrew.
Calvin Stoeger received $500. a pin, and a certificate as Nebraska State Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizens Award for his essay.
Youth Citizenship Awards were also given to: Kassity Denbo, Taylor Battershaw, & Grand Springer
Nominees for the Believers and Achievers Award were Elliana Springer, Calvin Stoeger, & Chris Williams
Omaha World Herald All Academic Honorable Mention awards went to: Calvin Stoeger, Elliana Springer & Shyanne Urbin
Norfolk Daily News All Academic Team award went to Elliana Springer.
Congratulations to this year’s recipient of the new Danielle Arganbright Spark Plug Award, which was given by Mr. Cronin to Danielle Arganbright. This will be a yearly award given out and passed down from one year to the next.

The following is a list of students having perfect attendance from August 15, 2020 through May 7, 2021:
Freshmen: none
Sophomores: James Woodraska
Juniors: .none
Seniors: Kenny Shelbourn
The following have missed one day or less of school this year:
Freshman Kinsey Buechle, Sophomores: Lainey Egelhoff & Michael Caley; Junior Jordan Kruger

The following missed ½ day or less: Sophomores: Ashlee Bacon 3 periods, Jack Lancaster 4 periods, Malika Monroe 2 periods; Juniors: Hayes Hammond 2 periods, Tessa Krolikowski 1 period, Sean Springer 1 period, Tyson Welch 1 period.
Seniors: Haley Hesse 4 periods, Calvin Stoeger 1 period

The following Seniors missed the least amount of days throughout their 4 years at VHS and each received a gift certificate for $20.00 at Old Mill: Kenneth Shelbourn, Hank Lancaster Calvin Stoeger, Haley Hesse, & Josiah Maunu

The following Seniors received a certificate for taking at least 12 college credits from Mid Plains Community College during their 4 years at Valentine High School:
Faith Buer
Xandra Conroy
Jared Ellis
Kane Fowler
Haley Hesse
Michaela Keller
Hank Lancaster
Fletcher Larsen
Brysen Limbach
Josiah Maunu
Ryan O’Kief
Jonah Perrett
Samantha Phillips
Shauna Radant
Haylee Richards
Delaney Robison
Hadley Rodgers
Isabelle Salters
Sean Shepler
Jennifer Sinnett
Elliana Springer
Calvin Stoeger
Shyanne Urbin
Chris Williams

Outstanding Algebra Awards were as follows:
Transformation Award: Sadie Johnson
Real Number Award: Marybelle Ward
Human Calculator Award: John Fulton
Perfect Number Award: Kaetryn Bancroft
Volume Award: Jessa Klabenes
Multiplication Award: Finley Mosner
Rounding Up Award” Bella Ringhoff
Transformation Award: Iyanna Burnette
Simplified Fraction Award: Malika Monroe
Outstanding Algebra II: Taylor Battershaw
Outstanding Geometry: Grant Springer
Outstanding Precalculus Students – Hayes Hammond
Outstanding Statistics Student: Michaela Keller
Scholar of the Year in Math Concepts: Brooke Henkenius
Scholar of the Year in Physics: Sean Shepler
Outstanding Calculus: Shyanne Urbin

Outstanding World Geography student of the Year: Bella Ringoff
Outstanding Psychology Student: Jack Lancaster
Outstanding American Government Student: Tim Egelhoff
Outstanding American History Students of the Year: Lindsey Boes and Hayes Hammond
Outstanding Sociology Students of the Year: Haylee Richards
Outstanding World History Students of the Year: Taylor Battershaw

Outstanding Chemistry Awards went to: Taylor Battershaw & Becca McGinley
Outstanding Physical Science: Grant Springer, Grant Boes, Finley Mosner & Kaetryn Bancroft
Most Improved Physical Science – Brayden Grubham, Iyanna Burnette, & Jessie Waugh
Outstanding Physiology Students: Shyanne Urban
Outstanding Advanced Biology – Shyanne Urbin
Outstanding Advanced Chemistry – Ryan O’Kief
Outstanding Biology – Sheldyn Rodgers, Taylor Battershaw, & Grace Maunu
Outstanding Med Terms & Health Careers: Shyanne Urbin
Health Science Kindness Award – James Brown
Health Science Most Engaged – Cole Kennedy

Outstanding Spanish 1 students: Taylor Battershaw, Cassius Browning
Spanish 2 outstanding students- Lindsey Boes, Tim Egelhoff, and Renee Fisbeck
Outstanding Spanish 3/4 student: Elli Springer

Varsity Speech Letter Winners (more than 75 points ): Sarah Butler, Kaylee Hanson, Caitlynn Mack, Josiah Maunu
Varsity Speech Letter Winners (more than 120 points): Taylor Battershaw, Lindsey Boes, Grace Maunu, Calvin Stoeger, Shyanne Urbin, & James Woodraska
Outstanding Novice Speech: Kaylee Hanson & Caitlynn Mack
Outstanding Varsity Speech: Calvin Stoeger

Marketing Student of the Year-Ian Slama
Introduction to Business Student of the Semester-Addison Kierl
Careers Student of the Semester-Alexis Long
Accounting I Student of the Year-Hayes Hammond
Accounting II Student of the Year-Sean Springer
Personal Finance Students of the Year-Hanna Bitner and McKenna Elliott
Business Law Student of the Year-Biyantai Nadeau
Internship Student of the Year-Haley Hesse
Awards for Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 2019 Certification: Mataya Morrison
Awards for Microsoft Excel & Powerpoint 2019, and Word 2016 Certification: Lex Larsen
Awards for Microsoft Office Specialist Associate (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint 2019 Certifications):
Grant Boes, Ciana Colvin, Caden Hein, Addison Kierl, Jessa Klabenes, Armani Koltz, Johnathan Kruger, Finley Mosner, Nicklous Ohlmann, Jace Patterson, Dane Pilakowski, Isabella Ringhoff, Riece Rivera, Grant Springer, Tyler Whiting, & Hailey Witte

Awards for PowerPoint 2019 certification went to Alexis Borer, Alexis Long, Ariana Blume, Caitlynn Mack, Makenzie Ward, Mireya LaPointe, & Preston Stoeger

Shauna Radant was the recipient of the H&R Block’s Business / FBLA Senior of the Year and received a $1,000 Scholarship

SWC Art Award-Jessica Reynolds
SWC Art Honors-Josiah Maunu, Finey Mosner, Calvin Stoeger, and Joslyn Yarbrough
Art 1 Award-Jesse Waugh, Finley Mosner
Digital Art-Sarah Butler, Josiah Maunu, Tamara Benedict, & Calvin Stoeger
Heritage Arts-Ava Reagle
Art 2-Cassius Brown
Studio Art- Jessica Reynolds
Photography-Lainey Egelhoff

BROADCASTING AWARDS from Danielle Arganbright
Each member of the broadcasting class, Badger Cast has been awarded a ‘You’re a Star’ award. I can’t thank them enough for all their help this year to make sure our games and events were broadcasted and shared with all the friends and family from afar. Badger Cast members are Tim Egelhoff, Kane Fowler, Fletcher Larsen, Holden Mundorf, Holden O’Dell, Jace Patterson, Madelyn Pilakowski, Ian Slama, and Calvin Stoeger. 

My on the Ball award goes to Fletcher Larsen, he is a student that always knows what is going on whether that is on the school calendar or current events he stays in the know.  The Salt of the Earth Award goes to Calvin Stoeger. Calvin is a very kind student, reliable and always showed up willing to help. Sharp as a Tack goes to Holden Mundorf. He is the tech guy that we can all count on or go to with questions. He is always willing to try and figure something out if he doesn’t know. My Go the extra Mile award goes to Tim Egelhoff and Maddy Pilakowski. These two students could be asked with a few hours to spare if they would be able to help stream an event and if they didn’t have anything going on, they would step up. Without this crew, none of our events would’ve been streamed. Thanks to all the local sponsors for supporting us and allowing us to create ads for our stream. Hometown Lumber, Arganbright Law Office, Henderson’s IGA, Cherry Hills Estate, KVSH, Outback, Security First Bank, BrokenSpoke Boutique, Scotty’s Ranchland, Sandhill Oil, Sandhills State Bank, Ward Plumbing and Heating, and Speedee Mart. 

Thanks to the staff members at Valentine Community Schools for participating in our first ever casual Friday campaign. We renamed the day to Scholarship day as we were able to raise $1500 to award members of our Student Council a scholarship. The recipients of the 2021 Student Council Scholarship are Fletcher Larsen, Michaela Keller, and Shauna Radant. All three of these students have put forth extra effort to help with school and community activities. Congratulations 

Mock Trial members receiving certificates are as follows:
Sarah Butler
Grace Maunu
Finley Mosner
Grant Springer
Preston Stoeger
Calvin Stoeger
Shyanne Urbin

Quiz Bowl team members receiving certificates were:
Taylor Battershaw
Sarah Butler
Hayden Larabee
Fletcher Larsen
Finley Mosner
Logan Muirhead
Ian Slama
Grant Springer
Sean Springer
Shyanne Urbin

Outstanding English 1 Students – Grant Boes and Grant Springer
Outstanding English 2 Students- Taylor Battershaw, Sheldyn Rodgers, and Grace Maunu
Outstanding Applied Comm 11 Student- Haydon Mudge
Outstanding Applied Comm 12 Students-  Sadie Cadwallider and Blaine Sage
Outstanding Speech and Theatre Students- Josiah Maunu and James Woodraska
Outstanding English 3 Students– Lindsey Boes and Sarah Butler
Top College Composition students: Josiah Maunu, Elli Springer, Calvin Stoeger, Shyanne Urbin
Outstanding Journalism award:

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AWARDS: Grant Boes, Grant Springer, Jessa Klabenes, & Finley Mosner
The Academic All-State Award is a prestigious award that recognizes students for their academic achievements while participating in NSAA activities. NSAA high schools may nominate a maximum of two students for each NSAA activity program in which the school participates. To be considered for this award, a student must be considered a “differencemaker” in an NSAA activity, contributing significantly to the school’s activities program. Honorees must attain at least a 93% cumulative grade point average on a 100% scale.NSAA Academic All-State Awards are as follows:
Lindsey Boes – Volleyball
Tagg Buechle – Wrestling
Tim Egelhoff – Basketball
Hanna Fischer – Play Production
Haley Hesse – Volleyball
Michaela Keller – Basketball
Hank Lancaster – Basketball
Fletcher Larsen – Track
MaKenzie Long – Cross Country
Josiah Maune – Speech
Grace Maunu – Cross Country
Becca McGinley –  Golf
Ryan O’Kief – Golf, Football
Jonah Perrett – Track
Shauna Radant – Golf
Delaney Robison – Track, Basketball
Isabelle Salters – Track
Elliana Springer – Music
Calvin Stoeger – Music, Play Production, Speech
Chris Williams – Football, Wrestling, Golf

Outstanding Actor – Tim Egelhoff
Outstanding Supporting Actor – Calvin Stoeger
Outstanding Actress – Madelyn Pilakowski
Outstanding Supporting Actress – Elliana Springer
Outstanding Crew Members – Haylee Richards & Xandra Conroy
Those that lettered –Drama Cast and Crew 2020-2021:
Battershaw, Taylor
Boes, Lindsey
Butcher, Benjamin
Butler, Sarah
Conroy, Claudia
Conroy, Xandra
Egelhoff, Timothy
Fisbeck, Renee
Fischer, Hanna
Fowler, Kane
Hanson, Kaylee
Harp, Mason
Henkenius, Brooke
Hicks, Talon
Johnson, Sadie
Kieborz, Austyn
Larsen, Fletcher
Long, MaKenzie
Mack, Caitlynn
Maunu, Grace
Mosner, Finley
Mudge, Haydon
O’Dell, Holden
Osborne, Markea
Perrett, Jonah
Pilakowski, Madelyn
Radant, Shauna
Richards, Emma
Richards, Haylee
Ringhoff, Isabella
Robison, Delaney
Rodgers, Hadley
Salters, Catherine
Springer, Grant
Springer, Sean
Springer, Elliana
Stoeger, Preston
Stoeger, Calvin
Urbin, Shyanne
Ward, Makenzie
Woodraska, James

VHS Music Booster Awards:  The following Seniors were recognized for participating in a music class in grades 6-12:
Choir: Timothy Egelhoff, Jonah Perrett, Haylee Richards, & Madison York
Band: Holden O’Dell, Calvin Stoeger, & Sheyanne Urbin
Both Band and Choir for all 6 years: Riece Rivera, Kenneth Shelbourn, & Elliana Springer
Band Awards were as follows:
John Phillips Sousa Award- Kenny Shelbourn
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Riece Rivera
The Instrumentalist Magazine Musicianship Award went to. Tamara Benedict and Calvin Stoeger
Drum Major Awards:  Elliana Springer and Calvin Stoeger
Flag Corps Captain Award: Shyanne Urbin
Choir awards were as follows:
MVP for Choir – Tim Egelhoff
National School Choral Award–Elliana Springer and Jonah Perrett
All State Chorus awards–Elliana Springer
UNK Music Festival Awards–Sarah Butler, Grace Maunu, Tamara Benedict, Elliana Springer, Sean Springer
High Plains Honor Choir awards went to:  Elliana Springer, Jonah Perrett ( both 4 years); Sean Springer and Tamara Benedict (both 3years)
Arion Award (by Connie): Elliana Springer
SWC Awards: Elliana Springer, Sean Springer, Tamara Benedict, Kyler Stanley, Grant Springer, Emma Richards, Mireya LaPointe, Preston Stoeger, & Grace Maunu.

District Music Awards in Band—Grant Springer–Baritone Solo Superior Rating, Elli Springer–Piano Solo Superior Rating and Honorable Mention Award
Distric Music Awards in Choir: Tim Egelhoff–Vocal Solo Superior Rating, Elli Springer–Vocal Solo Superior Rating
Men of the Sea–Superior and Outstand Performance Award (Top Award of the Day):
Cassuis Browning, Tim Egelhoff, Kenny Shelbourn, Nathan Perrett, Jonah Perrett, Grady Russell, & Riece Rivera.

Duet of Jonah Perrett and Elli Springer received a Superior Rating.
Superior Rating went to 5th Street Squared consisting of: Faith Buer, Grace Maunu, Sarah Butler, Tim Egelhoff, Nathan Perrett, Haylee Richards, Riece Rivera, & Elli Springer.
Band Awards—Holden O’Dell, Riece Rivera, Kenny Shelbourn, Elli Springer, Calvin Stoeger, Shyanne Urbin, Tamara Benedict, Sean Springer, Kyler Stanley, Grant Springer, Emma Richards, Mireye LaPointe, & Preston Stoeger.
Choir Awards
Tim Egelhoff, Jonah Perrett, Haylee Richards, Riece Richards, Kenny Shelbourn, Elli Springer, Madi York, Grace Maunu, Sarah Butler, Cassius Browning, Nathan Perrett, Grady Russell, & Faith Buer.

All choir students received a participation award including the ones listed earlier and the following:
Iyanna Burnette, Teylor Mehrens, Sheldyn Rodgers, Cate Salters, Jaiden Welch, MariahWelliver, Brooke Henkenius,
Jordan Kruger, Markea Osborne, Ava Reagle, Jessica Reynolds, Akosha Ward, Paige Dunkel, & Biyantia Nadeau.

According to our records these students are eligible to receive a scholastic letter for maintaining a 90% average for the last semester of the 2019-2020 school year and the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year

  Faith Buer
*Sadie Cadwallader
Paige Dunkel
**Tim Egelhoff
**Hanna Fischer
**Haley Hesse
**Michaela Keller
**Fletcher Larsen
**Josiah Maunu
*Biyantai Nadeau
**Ryan O’Kief
**Jonah Perrett
**Shauna Radant
**Haylee Richards
**Delaney Robison
**Hadley Rodgers
Blaine Sage
**Izzy Salters
*Sean Shepler
**Elli Springer
**Calvin Stoeger
**Shyanne Urbin
**Chris Williams

*Gunnar Battershaw
*Lindsey Boes
*Tagg Buechle
*Benjamin Butcher
*Sarah Butler
*Renee Fisbeck
*Conner Fowler
*Matt Gibson
*Dylan Haase
*Hayes Hammond
*Cameron Jordan
*Dakota Krogman
*Tessa Krolikowski
*MaKenzie Long
*Becca McGinley
*Cody Miller
Courtny Morgan
*Holden Mundorf
*Maddy Pilakowski
*Ava Reagle
*Emma Richards
Grady Russell
*Mya Shelbourn
*Ian Slama
*Sean Springer
*Kaylee Wenig
*Nicole Williams

Ashlee Bacon
Mekallyn Bancroft
Taylor Battershaw
Hanna Bitner
Jaycie Cox
Lainey Egelhoff
McKenna Elliott
Bryan Keller
Austyn Kieborz
Connor Kreutner
Jack Lancaster
Ashton Lurz
Lee Major
Grace Maunu
Casey Miller
Malika Monroe
Logan Muirhead
Jackson Ravenscroft
Taycee Reimers
Sheldyn Rodgers
Cate Salters
Cole Simon
Gracey Taylor
Payton Witte
James Woodraska
Joslyn Yarbrough