Congratulations to these VHS students who earned the MPCC Honor Cord for completing 12 or more college credit hours while in high school:
Lauren Ferguson
Nathan Flannery
Rece Jordan
Caleb Long
Chloe Mayhew
Lane McGinley
Nathan Miller
Devon Osnes
Jaydon Owen
Reganne Schrunk
Turner Tinant
Bailey Witt
Honorable mention to these students who completed less than 12 hours of college credit:
• Jarrett Battershaw
• Abbie Clark
• Mataya Eklund
• Brayden Fowler
• Eric Haase
• Elizabeth Harvey
• Brennan Jackson
• Bradi Larabee
• Kyle Lurz
• Mercy Maunu
• Abigail Sandoz
• Reaghan Shelbourn
• Brandon Whiting
• Michael Dylan Witt
• Rita Woodraska
Thanks as well to all Dual Credit instructors:
Mrs. Shevaun Adams
Dr. Jerry Arnold
Mrs. Julia Hoefs
Mrs. Melissa Pilakowski
Mr. Devin Muirhead
Mr. Brent Nollette
and a special thanks to Mrs. Ronelle Kilmer and Mr. Andy Cronin for implementing the component of having the Valentine High School Foundation pay for the tuition for these classes for these students.

Photo Credit: Amanda Long