The Cherry County Commissioners held public hearings Tuesday on two citizen initiated amendments to the Cherry County Zoning Regulations concerning wind energy development.

They heard about two hours and 45 minutes of testimony on the Wayne Eatinger amendment which would set height restrictions.  They had another hour of testimony on the Billy Weller amendment that would change the definition of wind energy conversion system from commercial to industrial in the zoning regulations.  

After the testimony, the commissioners held a brief discussion with all three stating that the Eatinger Amendment would be illegal because an arbitrary ban on any industry would not fit in state law. Chairwoman Tanya Storer stated that “I’m not going to gamble the taxpayer’s money”. 

The Weller amendment was tabled on a three to nothing vote, to obtain additional information on the implications of the amendment from planning and zoning.

Over 75 people attended the hearings. 36 people offered testimony on the Eatinger amendment and many of those same people testified on the Weller amendment. Most of those testifying were in favor of both amendments.