It’s here! Summer has finally shown that it might just happen. With this in mind, here are a few friendly reminders regarding Valentine City Ordinances:

· Leaves, grass and branches aren’t allowed to be piled or raked into the public streets or alleyways.

· Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets either on a leash, cord, chain, wire, rope or cage of physical restraint when not under the control of the owner. Remember shelter from the sun, food and water too.

· Old refrigerators or freezers can’t be sitting in the yard unless the doors are removed. This helps to prevent children from accidentally becoming trapped.

· Discarded furniture has to be hauled off. It can’t sit in your yard for years to come.

· Curfew: 15 years old and younger: 11 pm; 16 and 17 year old midnight. 18 years and older should use their best judgement!

· Weeds and grass should be mowed and not allowed to exceed 12”.

· Campers and boats should be parked so as to not impede visibility at intersections.

· Park with the right side of your vehicle to the curb

Let’s work together to make this summer safe and our town beautiful. Don’t hesitate to contact the Valentine Police Department if you have any questions or concerns at 402-376-3055