County roads in southern Cherry County are improving but some are still in rough shape. Doug Boyer of Mullen, with Cherry County, reported that roads are now passable but some areas have been flagged for caution. This does not mean that roads are back to normal.  There are still areas where water is standing over roads but most roads are passable. Remember, you should not drive on highways or roads where water is over the surface. A few inches of flowing water can push vehicles. There will still be a massive amount of road work to be done this spring.Residents are reminder to stay away from these damaged areas until repairs can be made.

There was a bridge approach washed out in Blaine County Northeast of Purdum.  That road remains closed at this time.

Ranchers continue to battle muddy conditions as they calve or are getting ready to start calving. The frost is mostly still in the ground, but is coming out in some areas which causes additional problems. All this is nothing new to the area cattle producers, just another day at the office.