The Cherry County Commissioners met on Tuesday for a regular meeting. An agreement with Timothy Hanson was approved as the Cherry County Surveyor. The resignation of Coby Billings from the planning commission was accepted.  There was no appointment made to fill that position at this time. New commissioner James Ward stated that he would like more time to research possible candidates. The commissioners have had to deal with 4 resignations from the planning commission in the past year.

Commissioner Storer cited state law that Zoning Commissions must supply written factual findings along with any recommendation regarding a CUP or a special exception. She said she would like to see this for any recommendation the Zoning Commission puts forth, especially for proposed amendments to the zoning regulations. She therefore made two motions to request that the Zoning Commission supply written factual findings related to their recent approvals of the Eatinger and Weller Amendments.  Both motions passed unanimously.


In other business, Sharon Moreland was reappointed to the Sawyer Memorial Library Board and the commissioners discussed courthouse security, but no action was taken.

Weed superintendent Barb Small presented her annual report on noxious weeds,  which will be submitted to the Nebraska Department of Ag.