The Cherry County Commissioners met on Tuesday for a regular meeting at the Cherry County Courthouse in Valentine.

The commissioners accepted a bid from Murphy Tractor and Equipment for replacement of a 2006 motor grader with new John Deere grader with a cost difference of $218,500 after trade in.

The board tabled the discussion on the Orval Stahr contract for consultation with the county on zoning regulations and comprehensive plan. The discussion will resume at the November 13th meeting. Mr. Stahr would help guide the planning and zoning board through new territory concerning regulations and procedures.

A letter was submitted from residents of the communities of Cody, Kilgore and Nenzel expressing concern that they were not notified of public hearing concerning a wind farms near their communities. There was some discussion on whether or not the letter was from individuals or from the village boards. County attorney Eric Scott will examine the details.

Michael Knapp of Bluestem Sandhills visited with the board about concerns surrounding the planning ans zoning board in reference to staffing and timing concerns. No action was taken.

The commissioners rescheduled the December 25th meeting to, Thursday the 27th.