The Niobrara Council held a regular meeting on August 16th. Chair Mike Tuerk appointed Brad Arrowsmith to replace Lance Kuck (cook) as the Niobrara Council representative on the Nebraska Land Trust. Mr Tuerk later explained he had a conversation with Dave Sands, Director for the Nebraska Land Trust recently.  Sands stated that the Land trust is looking into project possibilities at Rocky Ford, and has established an ad-hoc committee for that purpose.  They requested a statement from the Niobrara Council regarding Rocky Ford as a project.  A motion was passed that the Niobrara Council draft a letter to the Nebraska Land Trust stating that the Niobrara Council isn’t opposed to the Nebraska Land Trust pursuing project possibilities at Rocky Ford.

Council members discussed the Niobrara Council budget proposal presented.  Actual expenses from the 2017-18 fiscal year were discussed.  Due to the cost saving measures that the Council implemented including but not limited to changes within personnel benefits, professional expenses, and the basic costs relating to the office, the Council was able to make over a $20,000 reduction in overall expenses.  The projection for the 2018-19 fiscal year was mirrored off the actual from 2017-18 fiscal year

The council had discussion regarding Governor appointments or re-appointments of members or individuals to the Niobrara Council Board positions. Director Kieborz stated that the commissioner representative on the Niobrara Council have to review the list of names prior to their submission to the Governor for appointment.  The following names will be considered for the below mentioned positions:  Cherry County Landowner – Mary Mercure; Brown County Landowner – Jason Appelt; Rock County Landowner – Lana Arrowsmith; Keya Paha County Landowner – Brad Arrowsmith; Timber Industry – Dustin Hoefs; Recreation Industry – Rich Mercure; and Non-profit – Dallas Dodson (Whitetails Unlimited), and Rich Walters (The Nature Conservancy).  Kieborz is hopeful that the Governor will make a decision on the appointments prior to the September 20, 2018 Niobrara Council meeting in Valentine.