Official report from the Valentine Police Department:

During the morning hours of 09/06/18 the Valentine Police Department requested all schools follow the LOCKOUT: SECURE THE PERIMETER protocol following a request to respond to a possible intruder at a residence near the Valentine Middle School. The decision was made by Valentine Police Department to include all schools within the City Limits of Valentine due to the information gleaned from the investigation. At no time were the students or the citizens of Valentine in any danger. It was purely a precautionary measure. Based upon the Standard Response Protocol adopted by the Valentine Community Schools, a LOCKOUT: SECURE THE PERIMETER allows staff to have a heightened situational awareness and accountability for students and staff. It’s “do business as usual” with the exception that no one is allowed in or out of the school facility until the “all clear is given.” The “all clear” was given early afternoon. Officers were on hand at the Valentine Elementary School at the request of staff to ensure the continued safety of the students.