Superintendent of Valentine Community Schools, Dr Jamie Isom, appeared on the KVSH Comment program Tuesday morning to talk about school district activities.

One of the topics discussed was the partnership with Headstart to offer two 3.5 hours classes of Pre School this fall. The classes will be held at the Old City Gym with Mary Ellen Osnes the teacher. Some of the spots will be for income eligible students and some will not. The school district was the recipient of a $66,000 grant from the Early Childhood Development Education program to help fund the joint program. The goal is to have children entering kindergarten more prepared for the experience. Contact Valentine Headstart for registration details.

For the first time, the school district offered a public summer meal program June 4th through July 13th. The meal was served at the high school over the noon lunch period and served an average of 29 meals per day.  The program was funded through the USDA.

The summer at the schools has been spent working on concrete projects reviewing policy and discussion on new boiler upgrades at the high school along with window replacement.