The Cherry County planning and zoning board met Wednesday evening to hold public hearings on 8 recommended changes to the counties commercial wind regulations. These recommendations were the same ones turned down by the Cherry County Commissioners earlier this year. 25 people attended the hearing but there was very little testimony given. It was suggested to the board, to have wind farms subject to the same regulations as cattle feedlots which have a 4 mile setback. After two hours of mostly silent public hearings, the commission voted to approve the recommended changes and send them to the Cherry County Commissioners for review.

The planning commission did approve a conditional use permit for a new river landing area on the Niobrara river, applied for by Mary Mercure. Administrator Jessica Coyle also reported on a recent zoning workshop that she attended in Pilger and passed along information about an upcoming session in North Platte. The commission members voted to ask the county commissioners for funding to hire a consultant to help develop solar energy regulations for the county.

The members also set a public hearing date of August 7th at 4:30, for a proposed amendment from Wayne Eatinger, to ban commercial wind development in the county.