-In conjunction with NK Waste, the City Council on Thursday approved Free Dump Days to be held from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday June 8th, Saturday June 9th, and 9-4 Sunday June 10th.
Residents of Valentine will be able to take furniture, carpet, scrap metal, tree limbs, residential concrete, bricks, appliances, scrap lumber, and yard waste to the NK Waste facility at 313 Development Street. The City of Valentine highly encourages you to take advantage of Free Dump Days to clean up your property.

Other news from Thursday’s City Council meeting included discussion about the city’s Mill Pond. Since the last renovation nearly 16 years ago, the pond has silted in to where over half of the pond is gone. A committee will be formed to try and come up with solutions to save the pond, which is used by hundreds each year.

Several other agenda items were approved, including the closing of 2nd Street from Main to the alley on three dates, including the Street Dance sponsored by the Valentine Chamber of Commerce on June 30th and the Heart of Christmas parade committee to use the Trail Head Park.