Update from the Valentine Volunteer Fire Department:

At the annual meeting in May, the following people were elected to office: Chief: Terry Engles, Assistant Chief: William Beel, President: Jason Vaisvilas, Assistant Vice President: Chad Gale, Secretary-Treasurer: Guy Tiekle. Elected as captains were: Tadd Buechle, Ross Brockley and Courtney Fowler.

As of May 1, there are 44 members on the department.

From May 2017 to April 2018, 12 regular meetings were held. An average of 33 people attended for 397 hours.

From May 2017 to April 2018, 24 regular drills were held. An average of 30 people attended for 1042 hours.

Eight men attended Nebraska State Fire School with a total of 96 hours.

68 alarms were answered. City: 16, Rural: 44, Mutual Aide: 9, for a total of 2013 hours with an average of 24 men per call.

A total of 4192 hours have been spent in the service to the community on fires, drills, meetings, schooling, and other special duties, including Hose Testing, Fire Prevention Week, State Annual Conference, Parades, Funerals, Schools, etc.

The alarm breakdown is as follows:

Structure 1
Vehicle 2
False Alarm 5
Accident 2
Smoke 4
Propane Leak 1
Grass 1

Grass 17
Accident 11
Canceled/False 2
Trash 3
Hay 1
Controlled Burn 5
Vehicle Fire 2
Tractor 1
Smoke 1
Rescue 1

Mutual Aid:
All 8