Leo Brinda Unit 90 of the American Legion Auxiliary is proud to announce the winners of the area Poppy Poster Contest. (See list below)
Information about the contest was sent to five local schools with four participating, 206 posters were received. After screening for rule compliance, posters were judged by combat veterans of two generations.
The local American Legion Family is proud to announce that five posters were selected to compete on the state level:
Class I Clarrah Beebout, Class II Rylee Ward, Class III Jessa Klabenes, Class IV Lindsey Boes, and Class VII Stephanie Buechle.
All posters will be displayed at the 1884 Day Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the American Legion Family on Saturday April 28. Sixteen first prize winners will showcased on the south wall of the basement, with the five posters going to state featured.
Everyone visiting at the Veteran’s Club Saturday morning will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite poster (not going to state). This will give three more students a chance to be recognized.

Poppy Coloring Sheet Contest

1A- 1 Collin
2 Cole
3 Payten
3 Ara`Vani

1B- 1 Bayley
1 Parker
2 Alex
2 Gage
3 Nash
3 Rylie

1C 1 Peyton
1 Isabella
2 Javen
2 Tyler
3 Colin

Poppy Poster Contest Winners

2a- 1 Reegan Eggert
2 Danika Janssen
3 Brenden Battershaw

2b- 1 Clarrah Beebout
2 Liam Garneaux
3 Jaycee Ward

2c- 1 Leah Osnes
2 Ruthie Kaup
3 Mali Morrison

Zion School 2nd grade 1 Anna Lena 2 Raken Tinant

Zion School 3rd grade 1 Isaac Utrech 2 RJ Dean

3a- 1 Mandolin Sheeks
2 Austin Harp
3 Jhett Jespersen

3b- 1Rylee Wackler
2 Joni Cox
3 Tygh Miller

3c- 1 Tierney Miller
2 Trystan Beebout
3 Praise Maunu

4a- 1 Haley O’Keefe
2 Brooklyn Johnson
3 Kristen Schneider

4c- 1 Rylee Ward
2 Jarek Erickson
3 Kate Johnson

Zion School
5th 1 Kate Cox 2 Jenalee Garwood
3 Quinton Nelson 3 Kimber McGinley

5b HM Memory Davis

5a 1 Talia Wenig
2 Jocelyn Jordan
3 Olivia Felton

5c 1 Marybelle Ward
2 Taryn Tinant
3 Olena Felton

VMS 6th grade
1 Jesse Klabenes
2 Katerina Bancroft
3 Haley Witte

VMS 8th grade
1 Lindsey Boes
2 Jessica Reynolds
3 Kaylee Wenig
3 Madelyn Pilakowski
3 Kassity Debo
1 Stephanie Buechle
2 Caleb Osborne
3 Jiles Hanshew
3 Jordan Dittmer

Poppy Poster Contest

Entries to State Competition

Class I ~ Clarrah Beebout

Class II ~ Rylee Ward

Class III ~ Jesse Klabenes

Class IV ~ Lindsey Boes

Class VII ~ Stephanie Buechle