Updated from the Cherry County Sheriff’s Office, posted around 7 am CT 4/14/18:


Plows are out across the county but clean up will take time. Removing vehicles from Highway 20 will be a lengthy process so if at all possible avoid Highway 20 between Wood Lake and the Highway 83 junction. In the event of any travel, the longer you can wait the better. Thanks again for your cooperation and assistance! We will continue to provide updates.


Snow plows have begun clean up on the western side of Cherry County. If traveling in that area still please plan ahead and if possible give it a few more hours until everything is cleared up. As for Highway 20 east of Valentine, there are multiple vehicles still blocking the road this morning. Clean up will begin as weather permits. Snow looks to begin slowing down through the morning but high winds continue through this afternoon. Please stay patient and thank you for your cooperation.


From the Cherry County Sheriff’s Office, posted around 5 pm CT on 4/13/18:

Highway 20 is currently blocked. Both lanes of travel are blocked by a truck and trailer between mile markers 208 and 209 between Valentine and Wood Lake. High winds are causing white out conditions and the truck cannot be moved at this time. No travel is advised anywhere in Cherry County. No snow plows will be on the roadways for the reminder of the night anywhere in Cherry County until visibility improves. Again, NO TRAVEL is advised on any roadway in Cherry County. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide updates.

A check of web cams shows near white out conditions all around the 2 State area (above pic is from SD border web cam around 5 pm). Please be advised to use extreme caution.

Safe travel can be found through the link on our site here: https://kvsh.com/safe-travel