Dr. Jamie Isom, Valentine Community Schools Superintendent, appeared on the KVSH Comment Program and reported on several activities concerning the school system. The district will be working with the USDA to offer a free summer lunch program for anyone under the age of 18. Lunches will be offered from noon to 12:30 at the High School Commons area Monday through Friday. Anyone over 18 can also have a lunch for the adult meal prices. More information will be available later this spring about the free summer lunch program.

Dr. Isom also reported that the Board of Education voted to open the Simeon school building next year to accommodate 4 students in the area. The school has also been working on pre-kindergarten classes with the Northwest Community Action Headstart program. With the involvement of the schools, they may be able to offer two pre-K classes at Headstart instead of just one. This will hopefully begin a process to alleviate some of the early childhood development issues in the community.

Elementary principal Becky Berry has submitted her resignation and the search will begin for a new principal at the school building.