According to Cherry County Clerk Tom Elliott, the Cherry County Commissioners held a regular meeting on March 13th at the courthouse in Valentine. One of the items on the agenda was a follow up from Cleve Trimble referring to a ballot referendum request which would bar commercial wind farm development in the absence of a comprehensive analysis. Commissioner Storer responded by saying there would be no legal standing for the county concerning private projects on private property.  This would be an infringement of private property rights and the issue would not be put on the ballot.

Michael McCleod from southeast Cherry County was appointed to the Planning Commission. Mr. McCleod previously served on the board of adjustment.  Rob Lee will step down from the planning commission and will assume duties appointed to the board of adjustment.

Sharps Outfitters on the Niobrara River south of Sparks presented information to the commissioners about changing the name on their liquor license.  This will be taken up at the March 27th meeting.

During public comment time, there was a question about the counties process for counting election ballots.