The staff of the Niobrara National Scenic River (NSR) are seeking local photos of water to create an exhibit that will be on display in the visitor center this summer. Photos should show how people use water, why they love it, or why it matters to them. Photos may include the Niobrara River, but also could be anything from every day household uses, special events, or business and agricultural needs.

The Niobrara NSR Visitor Center will host a Smithsonian Museum on Main Street traveling exhibition called “Water/Ways” from June 23 until August 3, 2018. Submitted photographs will be combined into one local exhibit to complement the national exhibition.

“We really want to show local perspectives, too,” said Chief of Interpretation & Education Kristen Maxfield. “The more creative the photos, the more interesting the exhibit will be.”

Photos must be submitted in digital format, and any that show someone under 18 years old must have permission of the child’s parents. They may be submitted through the Niobrara NSR Facebook page at, or emailed to e-mail us. Photographs will be used for this exhibit only, and will be accepted until May 1.

Water/Ways will be brought to Valentine through Humanities Nebraska, and is funded by U.S. Congress. For more information about the exhibition, please visit or call the Niobrara National Scenic River at 402-376-1901. The Niobrara NSR Visitor Center is located at 214 West Highway 20 in Valentine.