Each year the Nebraska School Activities Association and the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association recognize students who have been nominated by their schools, based on their individual academic excellence, leadership and significant contributions made to their NSAA activity.
The NSAA and the NCPA are proud to recognize all of the 2,483 award winners of the 2017 Fall NCPA Academic All-State Award.
This brings the total number of NCPA Academic All-State Award winners to over 63,000 spanning the 12 years of this awards program.

Jarrett Battershaw and Caleb Long in boys cross country, Gus Harvey and Wyatt Hitchcock in football, Bradi Larabee and Rita Woodraska in play production, and Sheyenne Hammond and Anna Perrett in volleyball.

Cody-Kilgore Football Brody Davis Tyler Ravenscroft Play Production Kitra Cody Kenny Wollens Volleyball Bailey Cady Addison Johnson

Ben Arens and Jacob Sinsel in boys cross country, Maria Harthoorn and Morgan Osborn in girls cross country, Payton Allen and Oren Pozehl in football, Rebecca Taylor in girls golf, Payton Allen and Claire Steinhauser in play production, and Megan Appelt and Claire Steinhauser in volleyball.

Rock County
Megan Erickson in girls cross country, Charlie Gale and Marcus Reynolds in football, Skylar Cosgrove and Adam Turpin in play production, and Skylar Cosgrove and Caitlin Orton in volleyball.

Nolan Marten in football, Taylor Downing and Heidi Saner in play production, and Jaylee Simonson in volleyball.

Mullen Football Luke Christen Kayden Licking Play Production Carlee Chasek Grace Vinton Volleyball Jesse Coble Brittney Emerson

Thedford Girls Cross-Country Kristen Milam Football Chase Haake Play Production Hannah Higgins Marlee Taylor Volleyball Hannah Higgins