Valentine Police Chief Dana Miller appeared on the KVSH Comment program this morning for a regular program. Chief Miller reported that there have been no new regulations adopted concerning youth or adults on scooters or other motorized small transportation devices. She stated that education of riders would be the best avenue and not new laws. These scooters are not allowed on sidewalks and riders need to obey rules of the road including stop signs and turn signals. Miller encourages parents to talk with kids about safety.

In other news, she reported that campers and boats on the curb need to be moved every 7 days. Campers can remain year around and boats must be removed in the fall.

The National Night Out is coming up July 30th at the Valentine Family Aquatic center. At 6pm the Lions Club will begin serving food. The 1st responder challenge will be at 7. there will be free swimming afterwords. There will be other family games that evening as well.

As a final note, Chief Miller stated that the Police Department does not monitor social media accounts for emergencies. Please call the office number at 402 376 3055 or in the case of a crisis, call 911.