The voters in the Cody Kilgore School District indicated they would accept a 3 million dollar bond for new school facilities, and they did in a special election concluded yesterday. 226 voters turned in ballots with 159 voting in favor of the bond and 66 against. The new facilities would include 10,000 square feet of space including 8 classrooms for Pre-K through 7th grade, along with bathrooms and storage.

Several years ago it was determined that it was not practical to upgrade the 100 year old elementary school building in Kilgore. A subsequent 9 million dollar bond issue failed. The school board listened to patrons who thought a 3 million dollar bond would be acceptable. Architects came up with a new 4.2 million dollar price tag for a streamlined facility.

The ‘Cowboy Grit’ organization was redirected to start fund raising for the project. School board member Tim Nollette reported to KVSH that they gathered over $800,000 in donations and pledges. The school district has set aside about $400,000 in a special building fund for a total of 1.2 million. Now voters have passed the 3 million dollar bond to set the wheels in motion on construction.