On the KVSH Comment program this morning, representatives from the Heart City theater group announced that they have signed a purchase agreement for a new community run movie theater on Valentines Main Street. The location is the same location the Old Jewell Theater was located in the 200 block of Main Street. The group has been working on the project since November of 2023.

Group President Danielle Arganbright, Secretary Jamie Eggert and Valentine Economic Development Director Mark Hagge, announced that a purchase agreement has been signed with the owner.

The business will be modeled after a community theater in Ainsworth with volunteers operating the business most likely Friday through Sunday. Arganbright stated that they want to keep the movies and the prices, family friendly and also possibly offer a stage area for other smaller performances. The goal is to be in operation within the yar.

The group is launching a fund raising campaign for finances to purchase the building and the needed equipment and materials to rebuild the interior of the structure. Mr. Hagge stated that the total estimated cost would be about $600,000. They will accept local donations, pursue grants and conduct fund raisers to reach that goal.

The theater group will be a non profit, so donations can be tax deductible. At this time contributions can be sent to the Sandhills Area Foundation in care of the Heart City Theater Group. Follow them on Facebook.