KVSH News had the opportunity to visit with Kerry Hoffman of Hoffman Monuments about the installation of the new Veterans Memorials at the Cherry County Justice Center. Kerry, who is a former Valentine resident, now lives in Casper Wyoming and has been doing monument work for over 30 years. If you get a chance to look at the new monuments, each name is hand sand blasted in the granite. In today’s market, each of the new monuments would cost about $100,000. Kerry worked with the local veterans memorial committee to hold the costs down on this project in his hometown. Monday, Kerry was putting the finishing touches on the monuments. The empty base in the memorial park area is for a monument for the Global War on Terror, whenever someone tackles the job of organizing that addition. Everything should be completed in time for this weeks 4th of July Celebration. This has been an 8 year project to honor veterans who served from the conclusion of World War II to the end of the Vietnam War.