Starting around the first of June, Cherry County property owners were caught off guard when they began receiving property tax valuations from the Cherry County Assessor’s office. According to reports to KVSH, it seems that 2700 land and 400 home or commercial property valuations were calculated incorrectly. New statements came out this week explaining that the first documents were incorrect. There were still some steep increases in some cases, others were more moderate. In some cases, the miss calculations would have seen property values increased by 4 or more times. Apparently, miscalculations led to the misleading increase which shocked and angered many taxpayers. Social media lit up with people upset and county officials’ phones were ringing. The county will still accept property tax protests for those not satisfied with the new number. As it was explained to KVSH News, the state actually sets parameters for property tax calculation and the county sets final request that falls within those parameters.