The North Central RC&D is organizing the 3rd annual Lick Tub Challenge at the Sandhills Ranch Expo in Bassett on June 19th and 20th. Executive Director Kim Burge told KVSH news that there will be hundreds of dollars in prizes from the sponsors, Rio Nutrition, Long Pine Feed, Vitalix and Sutter Feeds. If you have found a new use for used lick tubs, bring that and enter to win prizes. In the past there have been artistic entries and practical uses submitted. The contest has included, a pink pig, a roll of Rolo’s candy, a canoe, flower pots, patio furniture, a vet table, used bale wrap dispenser and more. The RC&D started the Lick Tub Challenge to look for ways to reuse the cattle supplement barrels that roam the countryside in various colors. Call Kim at 402 376 5842 to let her know you are bringing an entry, or just show up at the Ranch Expo to enter.