Valentine Police Chief Dana Miller appeared on the KVSH Comment program Thursday morning. One of the topics discussed were the increasing number of motorized single occupant vehicles such as scooters boards and bikes. Chief Miller stated that at this time there are not very many rules governing these types of vehicles. They are required to use the streets and not sidewalks. They are also required to observe all rules of the road including speed limits and stop signs. Miller stated that they are looking a some type of measures to regulate these modes of transportation. If anyone has ideas call the police department at 402 376 3055.

Chief Miller also wanted to thank the public who have provided some key information to assist in investigation being conducted by the police. She encourages citizens, “if you see something, say something”

Distracted driving seems to be another growing concern among law enforcement. Cell phones, passengers, music, can all be a form of distraction and could lead to an accident.

A reminder of the National Night Out for the community on July 30th at the Valentine Family Aquatic center. The public is encouraged to attend for free swimming, food served by the Lion Club and the EMS challenge.