Valentine & Cherry County Tourism proudly announces the successful hosting of the Bike Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN) riders on June 1st and 2nd in Valentine. Nearly 350 riders, accompanied by close to 100 support crew members, descended upon the picturesque town, marking a memorable stop on their journey across the state. The event kicked off with fervor as the crew tirelessly constructed a vibrant tent city on the Valentine High School football practice field throughout Saturday, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all participants. Simultaneously, lodging and shower trailers were set up onsite to cater to the needs of the riders and crew. Inside the school, a dedicated team of tourism and BRAN staff busily prepared materials and swag for the arrival of the riders and buses at 2:00 PM. At 4:30 PM, Pastor Tim Wilkinson and the congregation at the First Baptist Church extended a warm welcome to the riders, treating them to a delightful free-will donation pie and ice cream social, complemented by a loaded baked potato bar. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as riders indulged in the delicious offerings and shared stories of their journey thus far. Despite the looming rain, spirits remained high as riders explored the charming town, with some venturing to Bolo Beer Co for a taste of local brews and others meandering through the streets and bike paths, soaking in the ambiance of
Valentine. As evening descended, Cherry County Tourism Director Regina Osburn delivering a heartfelt welcome and imparting an encouraging message for riders to return and explore further the beauty of the region when time permitted. The night brought with it the patter of raindrops, wind and cracks of thunder, adding a touch of drama to the experience. Yet, undeterred by the weather, riders rose early the next morning to partake in a hearty breakfast feast, again
hosted by Pastor Tim Wilkinson and the congregation of the First Baptist Church, and was comprising pancakes, sausage, and breakfast burritos at 5:30 AM. Fueled and ready for the road ahead, they loaded their gear onto buses and embarked on the next leg of their journey, bound for Bassett. The BRAN route continues its journey across the heartland, Including Burwell, Petersburg, Stromsburg, Wahoo, and Louisville, with adventures awaiting at every turn. The riders will continue “Rolling Across the Heartland” until June 8th, leaving a trail of memories in their wake. Valentine & Cherry County Tourism extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and supporters who contributed to the success of this unforgettable event. Together, we celebrate the spirit of community, adventure, and exploration that defines the essence of BRAN. For more information about upcoming events and attractions in Valentine and Cherry County, please visit