The annual Circle “C” Day was held in Cody on Saturday, May 25th in Cody, NE.  The event was well attended and organizers are looking forward to another event in 2025. 

Thanks to Kay Stoner for submitting the following results:

Little Mr Circle C- Stinson Johnson. Little Miss Circle C- Sawyer Galloway

Horseshoe Tourney. Singles. 1st. Earl Peneaux Jr.
2nd. Becky Wolfe
3rd. Earl Peneaux Sr.
Doubles. 1st. Earl Peneaux Jr./Lakota Gothard
2nd. Vic Torson/Ben Galloway
Sand Volleyball. 1st team. NARPS
Cornhole. Doug and Nash Hesse

Parade. 1st. Barnes Angus
2nd. Valentine Livestock
3rd. Cherry Co 4-H

0-5 Stick Horse Barrels. Moxon Risse
Alivia Burress
Haleigh Rahn

Sheep Riding. Grady Rahn
Moxon Risse
Hadlee Barnes

Calf chase. Weston Peterson
Jubal Kime
Clancy Cook

Calf Roping on foot. Dalton Graham
Ira Swendener
Zander Barnes

Steer Riding. Torann Peterson
Addie Sexson
Keene Taylor
15+ Poles. Gracey Taylor

Tierney Miller
Haddison Mundorf

11-14 Poles. Keene Taylor
Payton Burress
Kaitlyn Minor

6-10 Poles. Kwynn Graham
Jubal Kime
Logan Minor

Ribbon Race. Bentley and TC Ford
Leadie Robinson/Rylie Sexson
Steklin Robinson/Ryan Sexson

6-10 Calf Riding. Liam Johnson
Jake Kime
Andrew Onri

15+ Barrels. Tierney Miller
Haddison Mundorf
Blair Henry

11-14 Barrels. Payton Burress
Kaitlyn Minor
Lauren Pitkin

6-10 Barrels. Kwynn Graham
Brekyn Ford
Jubal Kime

Ribbon Roping. Tell Stoner/Bentley Ford
Ryan and Rylie Sexson
Rachel Stoner/Justin Sekutera

Hide Race. Nick and Connor Simmons
Nick and Grace Simmons
Austin and Ira Swendener

Cow Riding. Jeffery Forsen

Business Man’s Roping. Justin Sekutera/Ben Risse

Ranch Horse Race. Max Curtis