The Valentine Volunteer Fire Department was busy over the Memorial Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday night, firemen responded to the report of a car fire in the alley behind Third and Ray streets.  According to Valentine Volunteer Fire Chief Terry Engels, it was determined that a wiring harness was likely to blame, and the fire was controlled with a personal fire extinguisher before trucks arrived.

Then on Sunday evening, fire crews were paged out to a possible fire near Snake Falls between 5 and 6pm.  No fire was found.  The Civil Air Patrol was called-up to do some fly overs Monday morning.  Observers were unable to detect any smoke or fires from the air.  There was quite a bit of lightning associated with the rains that went through the area that night, so it is hoped that if there was a fire it was put out by the night’s precipitation.

Many area residents were also seeing and smelling more residual smoke being pushed through the region from Canadian wild fires on Sunday, lending a yellowish smokey haze to the area that afternoon.