Tuesday was Nebraska’s Primary Election across the state.  In some of the local races in Cherry County, beginning with the 43rd District race for Nebraska Legislature, Tanya Storer was the top vote getter in Cherry County with 1128 Votes to Tony Tangwall’s 988.  This is very similar to the district-wide results.  As of Wednesday morning, Storer leads with 59% of the vote to Tangwall’s 41%.  Both candidates, however, will advance to the General Election in November.

For Cherry County Commissioner, Martin DeNaeyer was the winner with 860 votes to Shane Daniels’ 700 and Greg Hobbs’ 356.  DeNaeyer is the only name that will advance to the General Election and would only be challenged in the fall by a write-in campaign.

There are 3 seats up for grabs in the Valentine School Board race, and 6 candidates out of 7 will advance to the General election in November.  The top 6 in that race were Jo Hand with 991, Shane Kime 972, Michelle Kluender 688, Byron Burdick 591, Lynde Elliot 461 and James B. Ward 456.  Tyler Eggert received a close 406 votes.

All Valentine City Council candidates will advance to the General Election.