A group of interested citizens started meeting last November to discuss starting a community driven local movie theater. Valentine Economic Development sparked the conversation which now has a board of directors and will become a nonprofit in the future. According to Valentine Economic Development Director Mark Hagge, who appeared on the KVSH Comment program Thursday morning, this private entity has researched other business models and will pattern the Valentine effort after the successful theater in Ainsworth. They plan to start by offering an affordable entertainment option on weekends and see where it goes from there. At this time they are looking into possible locations, equipment and other needed materials. The estimated cost could be $400 to 500 thousand dollars, including building purchase. The Sandhills Area Foundation has agreed to act as a funding option for the movie theater group and is currently accepting donations to the project. It is hoped to have something going this summer or early fall. Board members include Shelly Henderson, Danielle Arganbright, Jana Bitner and Jamie Eggert. Contributions can be made to any of those members. Fund raising effort will be announced over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to KVSH for more details.