Multiple fire calls across the region kept numerous fire departments and volunteers in private spray rigs busy last night with grass fires started by dry lightning moving through the area.

According to Thedford Fire Chief Spencer Burk, at about 6:30pm Central Time, a wide mutual aid request went out to about 30 area departments to help get fires knocked down before reaching homes and other structures.  One of these fires was located on the Higgins Ranch.  Valentine, Wood Lake, Cody and Kilgore were among the departments that responded to this fire.  Thedford responded to fires both North and South of Seneca, as well as a fire in the Mullen area which Mullen Fire also battled.

It is not yet known how many acres were burned, but firemen were able to protect the homes and major structures although Burk did state that some did get “very close”.

As for the fire reported 4 to 5 miles east of Mullen, Fire Chief Tyler Cash stated that Mullen was en route to the Seneca area fires when the local call turned their trucks around.  About 500-800 acres burned up to the highway in some areas in that fire that was also likely started by dry lightning.  Tryon and Hyannis Fire Departments assisted Mullen with that blaze.