2024 State FFA Convention Results

State Degree Recipients:

Mataya Morrison
Hailey Witte
Johnny Kruger
Mitch Kluender
Lex Larsen
Alexis Long
Kaylee Hanson
Kinsey Buechle
Preston Stoeger

Proficiency Results:

Preston Stoeger – 1st in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management
Kaylee Hanson – 1st in Health and Human Services
Hailey Witte – 2nd in Beef Production Entrepreneurship
Emma Kreutner – 2nd in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management

Agriscience Fair Results:

Hailey Witte – 3rd in Animal Systems Division 5
Blake Boone – Bronze in Environmental Systems Division 3

Leadership Development Events:

Mataya Morrison – Gold in Employment Skills
Preston Stoeger – Silver in Sr. Public Speaking

State Talent:

Doc Lancaster

Ag Issues Academy:

Kimber McGinley
Kennedie Assman

Floriculture – 5th Place:

Jenalee Garwood – 8th Place – Purple Ribbon
Emma Kreutner – Blue Ribbon
Ciana Colvin – Red Ribbon
Cadence Swanson – Red Ribbon

Agricultural Technology and Mechanics – 7th Place:

Quinton Nelson – 19th – Purple Ribbon
Tyler Whiting – Blue Ribbon
Mitch Kluender – Blue Ribbon
Brayden Battershaw – Red Ribbon

Agriscience – 10th Place:

River Doyle – 12th Place – Purple Ribbon
Thurston Ravenscroft – Purple Ribbon
James Monroe – Red Ribbon
Josie Shaul – Red Ribbon

Nursery/Landscape – Red Ribbon:

Kaylee Hanson – Red Ribbon
Jenalee Garwood – Red Ribbon
Cadence Swanson – White Ribbon
Bella Ringhoff

Welding – Red Ribbon:

Brayden Battershaw – Mig Welding – 2nd Place Purple
Traven Fletcher – Arc Welding – Blue Ribbon
Mitch Kluender – Tig Welding
Ethan Cozad – O/A Welding

Farm and Business Management – White Ribbon:

Grant Boes – Blue Ribbon
Sari LaDeaux – Red Ribbon
Alexis Long – Red Ribbon
John Fulton – White Ribbon

Jr. Livestock Evaluation – White Ribbon:

Reeves Witte – Blue Ribbon
Trevor Burdick – White Ribbon
Garrett Cumbow
Shyanne Dawson

Meats Evaluation and Technology – White Ribbon:

Emma Kreutner – Blue Ribbon
Ciana Colvin – Red Ribbon
John Fulton – White Ribbon
Sari LaDeaux

Sr. Livestock Evaluation:

Hailey Witte – White Ribbon
Lex Larsen – White Ribbon


Cadence Swanson – White Ribbon

Environmental and Natural Resources:

Garrett Cumbow – White Ribbon