The Cherry County Clerk’s office would like to remind voters of the new Voter ID requirement in Nebraska.  This new law will be in effect for the May 14th primary.  Nebraska voters are now required to present a photo ID before voting in the primary election.  If you do not have a drivers’ license or other form of identification, you can get a free state ID from the DMV.  Other forms of identification that will be accepted include Passports, Military or Tribal IDs, hospital, assisted living facility or nursing home record, Nebraska political sub division ID, Nebraska College or University ID (both public and private). 

In Cherry County, you will have to send a photocopy of one of these IDs with your ballot, or write-in your ID number on the ballot envelope, which will remain separate from the physical ballot.  There is also a space on the envelope to include your phone number so that the clerk may contact you with any questions or discrepancies.  Just keep in mind that the clerk may do this as a courtesy, and is not required to do so.  Also be aware that your phone number will not be included on any public listings including voter registration information and will be kept confidential.