The Cherry County Hospital Board of Trustees conducted their rescheduled March meeting on April 8th at the Hospital Meeting Room.  The meeting had to be postponed due to weather conditions.  During the meeting, a very brief Financial Report was presented, in stark contrast to the detailed reports that had been presented in the past.

Temporary CEO Nancy Hicks-Arsenault recommended to the board that $10,000 be granted to the Childcare Coalition to assist in their efforts to create a childcare facility in Valentine.  The board asked that coalition director Jill Joseph-Austin be invited to present information concerning this effort.

IT Director Phillip Mues offered an update on the hospital and clinic-wide Meditech expanse that had launched the previous week.  Mues stated that while there were some minor problems that were encountered along the way, overall the launch had been very successful.  The board also moved to hire a firm to assess the IT security at the hospital in the wake of several high profile healthcare hacking incidents.

Dr Mulligan-Witt provided a CMO update to the board behind closed doors as the BOT moved to go into executive session.  This update kept the board in executive session for over an hour.