Cody Kilgore held their annual Junior Senior prom on March 23rd, with royalty crowned after the Grand March.  Crowned Prince was Tristan Fish, Princess Kate Cox, and King Isaac Robinson and Queen Sadee Adamson.

At Sandhills Thedford’s prom on March 16th, Kayle Haake was crowned Prom Queen, Prom King was Coby Higgins.

Valentine High School prom theme for 2024 is “Out of This World” and is scheduled for April 13.  The gym will open at 7 with Promenade to begin at 8pm, which is open to the public as king and queen will be crowned at that time.

Prom candidates at VHS are Lex Larsen, Kinsey Buechle, Traven Fletcher, Jenna Purdum, Preston Stoeger and Jessa Klabenes.