The 80th annual Coronation “A Country Club Coronation” took place on Sunday February 4th at Valentine High School. The committee would like to thank all the volunteers that helped and the supporters of the event. Congratulations to the 2024 Royalty King & Queen Will Sprenger, son of
Matt and Christy Sprenger and Kaetryn Bancroft, daughter of Melissa and Scott Bancroft. Prince and Princess, Preston Stoeger son of Mark and Janelle Stoeger & Kinsey Buechle daughter of TC and Kara Buechle. Duke and Duchess Brayden Battershaw son of Ryan and Shylo Battershaw & Marybelle Ward daughter of Susan and James Ward. Count and Countess Jekhi Williams son of Lacy Jackson, & Maeli Patterson daughter of Frank Patterson and Kami Patterson. Pages Dominic Beebout son of Blake and Jessica Beebout & Paige Sprenger daughter of Matt and Christy Sprenger. Chosen has Most for VHS was Grant Springer, son of Rourke and Bethany springer and Heart City Heart Award was Duane Lamb. Duane was recognized for countless hours volunteering time at sporting events providing care to injured athletes even when his own kids were not participating. Duane teaches classes for CPR/First Aid. He always finds time to volunteer on Saturday mornings to serve a free will breakfast at the Vets Club. Kaitlyn Mack and Grant Springer served at Royal Herald and St. Valentine to host the events.