The date has been set for the 80th annual Valentine Coronation on February 4th at 5:30 at Valentine High School. The theme is “A Country Club Coronation”. The king and queen of hearts will be crowned along with numerous other awards including the Most for VHS and Heart City Heart Award. If you feel someone in the community goes above and beyond in community service you can nominate individuals or couple. Nominations are due by January 24th by sending email to
Candidates for King and Queen, Prince and Princess have been announced. From the senior class, Grant Boes, Kaetryn Bancroft, Kinsie Buechle, Traven Fletcher, Lex Larson, Ciana Colvin, Jessa Klabness, Mitchel Kluender, Will Sprenger, Finley Mosner, Sadie Osnes and Preston Stoeger.

Committee member Austin told KVSH news they could use more volunteers to help with the annual event. Youth from Pre-K to 12th grade will be involved. For more information search out badgeralumni on Facebook and join the discussion. Stay tuned to KVSH for further updates on coronation.