On a unanimous vote the Cherry County Commissioners denied a Conditional Use Permit for Bow and Arrow Ranch that would put a little less than 500 acres in a conservation easement to help protect the American Burying Beetle. The owners of the ranch had voluntarily sought the easement on their private land that joins the US Fish and wildlife refuge south of Valentine. The fifteen minute meeting was held in the Cherry County Courtroom with about 20 people in attendance. There was no public comment as the public hearing was held earlier. Chairperson DeNaeyer stated that this meeting was for the commissioners to ask any questions of the applicant before they voted on the application.
In a prepared resolution DeNaeyer made the motion to deny based partially on the thought that the easement was not consistent with the current county resource plan, that the American Burying Beetle was “primary” use of land and not agriculture, and mandatory reduction of property value according to the IRS which would reduce county resources.
Tom Davis, manager of the Bow and Arrow Ranch, to KVSH that the purpose was always intended for ranching uses and would resist any attempt to reduce taxes paid to the county.