The Valentine Volunteer Fire Department was paged to the report of a hot wall and outlet at 403 North Ray Street in Valentine on Christmas Night at about 9pm. Cherry County Hospital Ambulance was also paged to this location out of caution. No fire was found, and emergency crews were able to return within about a half hour.
Around the holiday season, it’s a good time to remind listeners that it’s easy to overload outlets and power supplies. And with wintry weather here, a reminder from the U.S. Fire Administration that folks need to be cautious not to fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning. Install and maintain CO detectors in a central location of your home and near sleeping areas. Also make sure your dryer vents, as well as furnace, stove, and fireplace vents and chimneys remain clear of snow and other debris. And of course, if you have to use a portable generator, keep it running outdoors away from your doors, windows, and vents. If you feel that you’ve been exposed to Carbon Monoxide, get outside and get medical attention.