Fill An Empty Stocking final results were reported to KVSH Radio. The facts: Project was initiated the first week of November, and delivery took place Saturday December 16. Players included: Union Bank & Trust, KVSH Radio, and Midland News and Printing. Two donors took two families each, and eighteen folk each took one family. They are so grateful to these generous folks who easily spent more than $9000. Estimated time spent totals more than 208 hours. Volunteers numbered eighteen folk that live in our community. (One dressed as Santa)! Twenty-two families with sixty children were served by this annual project that fills the heart of both the giver and the child.
2023 The American Legion Family: the Sons, Post & Unit 90 would like to offer sincere heartfelt thanks to the many generous folk here in Valentine who lent their talent, time and money to this seasonal project to benefit local children.